Trip price:
Price is the same with one 1 or up to 6 people and for the boat.
Pricing is listed are for using credit card.

A $50 discount is applied when paying cash.

Everything included in price except suggested 20% tip for your deck hand.
Tipping the Captain: This is totally at your discretion.

No charge for fish cleaning with us!
Bring a small cooler for drinks & snacks.
Charter Trip Rates
4 Hour Trip • $750
This is a trolling fishing trip. We normally have four lines in the water. Each line is set at different depths. You can either sit back and relax while the first mate sets each line or if you like to be more involved, the first mate will show you how to set the lines. We troll between 1-7 miles off the beach, seeing land or buildings the entire time.This is a great trip for young children and/or adults that want to spend just a few hours on the water having fun in the sun! Fish caught on 4hr trips are King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel in late Spring, Summer and Fall.Red Fish in Spring and Fall.
5 Hour Trip • $950
This is a trolling & bottom fishing combo. We will slow troll out to some bottom fishing reefs. Approximately 7-9 miles offshore. Then we will bottom fish for around one (1) hour. After bottom fishing, we switch back to slow trolling our way back. This is a great trip if you have never been bottom fishing and want to see how you like it. Fish caught is the same as the 4hr trip along with Red Snapper and sometimes Sharks!
Wanna Catch Red Snapper?
6 Hour Trip • $1,150
This is a Bottom Fishing trip. Our most popular trip. Bottom fishing for Red Snapper, White Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, Trigger Fish and more! Sometimes Shark! During Red Snapper Season, if we limit out before the 6 hours, we will troll for King Mackerel & Spanish Mackerel or fish for Shark. It's up to you!
8 Hour Trip • $1,450
10 Hour Trip • $1,700
12 Hour Trip • $2,000
Slow Trolling Fishing, Bottom Fishing. Same as the 6hr trip but with more time. Gives us more time to troll in different areas, plus fish for Sharks and capitalize on what's bitting! Amberjacks or Groupers are sometimes caught on 8 hour+ trips.
Shark Trips • $1,050
Ever wanted to catch a shark? Here's your chance!

Cost for trip for the boat or up to six (6) people. Suggested 20% tip for your deck hand. Everything else is included.
You'll only need to bring your drinks and snacks.

Miss Madison will travel between 8-15 miles off shore. From there we begin Shark Fishing. Some of these Sharks can take from 30 minutes to couple hours to get to the boat. If not wanting to kill a shark, that's OK. We will try to get some good pics while the shark is up beside the boat.

If Shark is harvested, there is a $200 cleaning and handling fee. Shark Jaws will be cut out for you to take home for display
and meat packaged if you choose to take it home.
Shared Trips
If you only have a couple of people in your group, call or text Captain Kyle at

We put together shared expense trips for up to six (6) anglers.
6 hour shared expense trips are $200 per person.
8 hour shared expense trips are $250 per person.

(Prices include everything except customary 20% tip for your deck hand)

(Please remember, your deck hand is there for you. Deck hands work very hard before, during and after your trip to ensure your tackle is in great shape, the boat is clean, and your fish gets properly iced down, cleaned and ready for you to take home in zip lock bags.)

Fish cleaning is complimentary with us!
FISH THAT you choose to keep that are in season, will be properly iced down on the boat.
When we return to the dock, the 1st Mate deck hand will clean your fish and bag in freezer zip lock bags.
The deck hand will do his best to clean your fish and so there are no bones.

Also, we WILL NOT keep any fish that is illegal in size or is out of season, so please do not ask.
Again, we obey ALL laws and safety guidelines.

Deck hands are there for you. They rig all the tackle for you and will work with you and your kids.
This includes helping your child reel in his or her first deep sea fish if needed.

Suggested tip for the deck hand is 20% of the total cost of the trip.
Charter Trip Passenger Suggestions & Etiquette
  1. Dress for comfort. Bring sunscreen, a camera, sunglasses and wear soft light colored sole shoes.
  2. Avoid rich food and excessive alcohol the night before. Eat a light breakfast and if taking motion sickness medication please follow directions.
  3. Bring an ample supply of eats and drinks. It is customary to bring eats and drinks for your captain and crew.
  4. Please respect the boat and equipment. Your captain and crew have a lot of pride in their vessels and equipment can be costly to you if damaged or lost overboard.
  5. Deckhands work hard for you and have pride in your catch. Their day starts several hours before your trip and extends hours after you are gone.